855-LUCKYDG (855-582-5934)
855-LUCKYDG (855-582-5934)
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Tournament Directors!

Lucky Disc Golf has the tools you need to make your event successful. Please reach out to us at info@luckydiscgolf.com to find out more.  We think outside of the box!  If there are any ideas you think can be beneficial for your event to work with Lucky Disc Golf, let us know!  We are all ears!  

Event Sponsorship

We have a variety of tools for you to use to maximize your dollar.  From player's pack packages to payout.  Keep us in mind!

Tournament Fund Raising Discs

Bought some tournament fund raising discs?  Having a hard time getting them all sold, OR would like to sell more?  Let us do it for you!  With a worldwide audience instead of just your local area, we can bring in actual sponsorship dollars that will boost your payout.

We can sell your tournament fundraiser discs for you!  Instead of a hauling your fundraiser discs to every tournament and league up to your event date trying to raise some extra cash, why not sell them to a worldwide audience at luckydiscgolf.com?!  How much does it cost?  Nothing!  We will return 100% of the funds raised back to you...really!

Have extra tournament discs left over?  We can buy them from you!  Keep in mind that we are not buying these from you to make you money.  We offer this service as a relief for tournament directors who need to convert plastic into cash or maybe you were over budget and need some relief.  Our buying price will be close to your buying price as well.

At Lucky Disc Golf, we know tournaments!

Reach out to us at info@luckydiscgolf.com or 1-855-LUCKYDG