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FREE SHIPPING on most domestic orders over $25
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A Monthly Package  

With a limited edition custom run premium plastic disc that is part of a collection, and may or may not be signed by a touring pro and numbered, or a popular mold with the custom VIP Program stamp with a small accessory item.  Ten discs each year will be part of the collection which will be based on a specific theme, and the other two will be more for "throwing" than collecting.  All discs will be available only to VIP club members.

Special Edition Release Discs

Exclusive access to certain limited and special edition release discs. These will include custom stamped VIP program discs and may include a limited number of other special release discs

VIP Club Logoed Product

Exclusive access to a VIP Club logoed product (accessory or apparel item) each quarter at a significant discount.  Each exclusive VIP product will be offered for a limited time only.

Personal 10% Disacount + 6% Loyalty Rewards

A personal discount code for 10% off regularly priced products either online or in the Las Vegas warehouse. (You also get 6% in loyalty rewards for all purchases at Lucky Disc Golf!)


Limited Availability

We have only limited subscriptions available for each custom run collectible disc so sign up now or you might miss your chance.  You won't be disappointed!




Arguably the BEST Disc Club & Collection program EVER!