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Infinite Discs

Used Infinite C-Blend Discs

Used Infinite C-Blend Discs

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Mold - Weight - Condition

A firm, transparent plastic that has increased durability and tends to make molds more overstable. Compare to Innova’s ‘Champion’ plastic.

Metal Flake C-Blend (added metal flakes within the plastic)

Metal Flake Glow C-Blend (added metal flakes & glows in the dark)

Glow C-Blend (glows in the dark)

Gummy C-Blend (less-stiff than regular C-Blend)

Luster C-Blend (has an added shimmer) Concrete (Luster and Metal Flake plastic combined)

Most* all of the C-Blend plastics are more durable yet less grippy than the other premium plastics. You will find that C-blend tends to be more overstable than all the other premium plastics., but is also a great choice for throwing.

Grade - Price

9/10 - $15.20

8/10 - $14.25

7/10 - $13.30

6/10 - $12.35

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