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Getting Lucky

Oh boy. A first blog post. Well, welcome to the brand new Lucky Disc Golf Blog. So much to say, so much to do. Almost like a first date, try to be fun and flirty while maintaining a bit of mystery. I guess we should just start at the beginning. Lucky Disc Golf was founded in 2018 by.. Actually lets go further back than that. Mid 90's, Grafton, Wisconsin. Brandon "Mook" Merzlock is introduced to and falls in love with the game of disc golf. Upon returning home to Idaho in 1999 Mook discovers Idaho is only home to 4 disc golf courses. Mook immediately began to "grow the sport" being instrumental in the installation of many courses in southern Idaho and northern Utah, developing 6 different clubs, TDing 86 events and even serving as Idaho's PDGA state coordinator. Fast forward 20 years and one day out of the blue Mook gets a call from his good friend Shane Hill about starting a disc golf company. Lucky Disc Golf was born. Originally intended to be an online only store but Shane and Mook's passion for the game and growing it led them down different paths than most retailers. Lucky Disc Golf was soon a sponsor for events all over the country and even provided all inclusive travelling tournament stores. Lucky Disc Golf's commitment to growing the sport was glaringly obvious in 2018 and these efforts will be increased exponentially in 2019 with more tournament sponsorships including the Las Vegas Challenge, DGPT Utah Open, Red Rock Classic and the Lucky Disc Golf Open. Also new in 2019 is the formation of Team Lucky, Lucky Disc Golfs inaugural team. Last but not least February 1st will mark the opening of Lucky Disc Golfs first brick and mortar store front. Located in Las Vegas, Nevada and just feet from Sunset Park. Lucky Disc Golf made an impact in 2018 and 2019 is set to be a tremendous year. Stay tuned as the best is yet to come.

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