855-LUCKYDG 855-582-5934 2301 E Sunset Rd #10 Las Vegas, NV 89119 Behind 7-11 by Sunset Park Open 9-6, Tuesday-Sunday, Closed Monday
855-LUCKYDG 855-582-5934 2301 E Sunset Rd #10 Las Vegas, NV 89119 Behind 7-11 by Sunset Park Open 9-6, Tuesday-Sunday, Closed Monday
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Used & Preowned Disc Program

We are excited to offer the Lucky Disc Golf Used & Preowned Disc Program!  Now you can convert your old dust collecting plastic into cash or store credit!

Terms and Conditions

We buy used & preowned discs for cash or store credit based on the following criteria and prices.

1.  Only premium plastic rated 6/10 or better (see rating chart below), or like new (10/10) premium misprints and DX/Basic plastic will be accepted.
2.  All discs must be clean. Price will be decreased by 50 cents for each disc we have to clean.
3.  All sellers must complete this LDG Used & Preowned Disc Certification form.
4.  Condition is subject to our verification. Unacceptable discs will be returned at seller’s expense upon request or we can donate them to kids, beginners, schools, etc.
5.  We reserve the right to reject certain molds due to excess inventory. If you have discs we are not willing to buy we will notify you (before they are shipped if applicable).
6.  We do not accept discs that are weather damaged, have damage deeper than 1/16” or longer than 1/8”, don’t have new flight characteristics, cannot be identified, have holes or cracks, are warped, or have had its thickness unnaturally altered.
7.  You package the discs and pay for shipping.

Rating & Plastic Type                                     Cash    Store Credit (20% Bonus!)
10/10  LE/TFR/CFR/Fundraiser                     $9.00      $10.80
10/10  Premium                                                $7.50       $9.00
10/10  Premium Misprint/2nd                      $5.00       $6.00
10/10  Basic/DX                                               $3.75       $4.50
9/10  Premium                                                  $5.71       $6.85
8/10  Premium                                                  $5.26       $6.31   
7/10  Premium                                                  $4.81       $5.77
6/10  Premium                                                  $4.36       $5.24 

Disc Ratings (DDGA Sleepy Scale)
10/10 = Brand new condition.

9/10 = Field tested. Very minimal wear. No ink.
8/10 = Lightly used. Minimal wear. May have ink.
7/10 = Used with minor wear but in good shape. New flight characteristics.
6/10 = Typical used disc with usual dings & scratches, but still worthy. 

If you would like to participate in our Used & Preowned Disc Program, please complete this Used/Preowned Disc Certification form, then email it to info@luckydiscgolf.com with a picture of the discs you would like to sell.  We will review your information and let you know if there are any discs we won’t be able to accept, then you can ship the rest.  Our shipping address is 2301 Sunset Drive, Suite 11, Las Vegas NV 89119.  If you prefer, we can send you a shipping label and deduct the cost from the cash value of your discs.  That may save you money on shipping.  After we receive and verify your discs, we will send you cash (via PayPal or a check) or a gift card for store credit.

WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING THESE MOLDS: Anchor, Culverin, Groove, Gladiator.  Also, we are not accepting and Heropack/SuperHero Backpacks at this time.