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855-LUCKYDG (855-582-5934)
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Used & Preowned Disc Program

We are excited to offer the Lucky Disc Golf Used & Preowned Disc Program!  Now you can convert your old dust collecting plastic into cash or store credit!

Terms and Conditions

We will buy used or preowned discs based on the following criteria and price schedule. 

  1. In bulk (15 or more discs at a time).
  2. You package the discs yourself and we will pay for shipping.
  3. We will only accept discs that are not warped and are in “Fair” (3 of 7) or better condition (see disc rating chart below).
  4. Only premium plastic, like new (7/7) premium misprints, and like new (7/7) DX/Basic plastic will be accepted.
  5. All discs must be clean. Price will be decreased by one rating for dirty discs.
  6. All sellers must sign and return the LDG Preowned Disc Certification available at https://luckydiscgolf.com/pages/preowned-disc-program, certifying that the discs were not stolen. The Preowned Disc Certification must be completed for both in person transactions as well as those done through the mail.
  7. Condition is subject to our verification. Unacceptable discs will be returned at seller’s expense upon request.
  8. We reserve the right to reject certain molds due to excess inventory. If you have discs we are not willing to buy we will notify you prior to sending a shipping label. 


                                                           In Person Transaction             Discs Shipped to Us

Condition & Type                               Cash    Store Credit*              Cash    Store Credit*

7/7  Like New Premium                      $7.50       $9.00                       $6.30       $7.56

6/7  Very Good Premium                    $6.16       $7.39                       $4.96       $5.96

5/7  Good Premium                             $5.71       $6.85                       $4.51       $5.41                  

4/7  Pretty Good Premium                  $5.26       $6.31                       $4.06       $4.87                  

3/7  Fair Premium                               $4.81       $5.77                       $3.61       $4.33

7/7  Like New Premium Misprint       $5.00       $6.00                       $3.80       $4.56

7/7  Like New DX/Basic                    $3.75       $4.50                       $2.55       $3.06

*20% Bonus for store credit!

Disc Ratings

7/7 = Like New.  No ink, no sign of use, and no cosmetic damage.

6/7 = Excellent.  Inked. No scratches or nicks.

5/7 = Good.  Surface marks with no depth.

4/7 = Pretty Good.  Minor scratches or nicks.

3/7 = Fair.  Slightly larger scratches or nicks but still usable. Weather or water damage. We will not buy these.

2/7 = Poor.  Large scratches or nicks.  We will not buy these.

1/7 = Bad.  Biggest scratches or nicks, warped, sliced, or cracked.  We will not buy these.

If you would like to participate in our used/preowned disc program, please download, print and complete the Lucky Disc Golf Used & Preowned Disc Certification form, then email it to info@luckydiscgolf.com with a high-quality picture of the discs you would like to sell.  Once we have reviewed your information we will send you a shipping label.  After we receive and verify your discs, we will send you cash (via PayPal or a check) or send you a gift card for store credit.