Collection: Used Discs

Want to save some money on discs?  Why not buy used?  Get used discs that are in great shape for much less!  Or maybe you just want one that is already broken in.
We only sell discs that are rated (6/10) or better based on the Sleepy Scale as follows.

Check out our ever changing selection of used discs and save yourself some money!!   And if you have some used discs you want convert to cash or Lucky Bucks,

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Disc Ratings (DDGA Sleepy Scale)
9/10 = Field tested. Very minimal wear. No ink.
8/10 = Lightly used. Minimal wear. May have ink.
7/10 = Used with minor wear but in good shape. New flight characteristics.
6/10 = Typical used disc with usual dings & scratches, but still worthy.