2301 E Sunset Rd #10 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 Behind 7-11 by Sunset Park | Open 9-6, Tue - Sun 855-LUCKYDG | 855-582-5934
2301 E Sunset Rd #10 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119 Behind 7-11 by Sunset Park | Open 9-6, Tue - Sun 855-LUCKYDG | 855-582-5934
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Policies And Procedures

Shipping Policies

     Being an online dealer, we rely heavily on the carrier companies to fulfill our customer's orders, and they are the link between us and you.  Getting your products to you quickly and securely is our main goal!  Our system verifies a valid shipping address when your order completes.  If it cannot verify it, we will contact you to verify the address given is correct before shipping. 

     All discs are shipped with 9" cardboard backing in an envelope that is either padded or includes padding, or a box.  They also have a "Do Not Bend" sticker on both sides of the envelope for the carrier's information.   

     Here are our policies on shipping per the amount of discs.

1 - 2 discs = Padded envelope with 9" cardboard backing
3 - 6 discs = Priority Mail Envelope with padding inserted.  9" cardboard backing for three discs.  2 cardboard backings per 4 - 6 discs.  
7 or more discs = Box with padding.
Special Release, Tour Series, Custom Dyed, and other Rare discs will be shipped in a plastic insert as well.

On weekdays (M -F), if your order is completed by 4:00 Eastern Standard Time, it will ship out the same day.  We promise!   On Saturday, if your order is completed by 1:00 EST, it will ship out on Saturday!  Upon fulfillment, you will be e-mailed the notification that your order has been fulfilled and you will be provided a tracking number.

     What if my package doesn't arrive?  

          All of your products are shipped with a tracking number and with insurance.  We will verify everything on our end to insure that the order was fulfilled and handed to the package delivery company.  We will verify that the order was shipped to the correct address.  At that point, Lucky Disc Golf has done everything that we were required to do to ensure delivery of your product(s).

          WE WON'T GIVE UP!  We will continue to help from here, but remember, we are at the mercy of the carrier company and their policies.  We can put in a search request, but search requests are not allowed until 10 business days after the package shows arrived or was meant to arrive.  You can also do this on your end as well.  If the package was fulfilled and sent to the correct address, we cannot give a refund of that purchase if it does not arrive.  Again, the carrier is now responsible for the package, but we will gladly help to find it if possible.

     What if my order is incorrect or missing items?

          Each of our products have a unique SKU number on them that ensures that the product that you ordered is the one delivered.  Even every single disc has a unique identifier.  At the time of order, a packing list is printed and kept with the order as it is pulled from our inventory.  The packing list is also included with delivery and the order is double checked when packaged.  If there is a claim that the incorrect product was delivered or a product is missing, we will check that order against our inventory.  If those items are no longer in our inventory, we have to assume that they were sent with your order.  If we do find an error in the order or inventory, we will gladly fix it by sending out the correct products along with a pre-paid shipping label to return the incorrect items (if any)

     What if my order is damaged?

          Your products are delivered with tracking and insurance.  Each product is packaged with cardboard backing and padding.  If the carrier has damaged the products en route to your delivery, please take the following steps.  (1) Keep the packaging in "as is" condition as best as possible.  Take a picture and send it to us at info@luckydiscgolf.com. We will make sure that the product is replaced.  If replacement is not an option, we can refund the purchase (as long as the above steps are taken so that we can be reimbursed by the carrier)

          If the products are damaged and the packaging is still good, then we would ask that you take a picture of any damage to the product and send it info@luckydiscgolf.com.  We will want that product back and will send a pre-paid shipping label to send it back.  We will replace the damaged product or issue a refund.  If the damaged product is not returned within 30 days, we will assume that you have taken advantage of our policies and will revoke any right to claim damaged, lost, or undelivered packages in the future.

      Special Shipping Rules

          In some cases where the weight of the package has exceeded flat rate shipping, we may choose to split the delivery into separate packages.  This allows us to save on the cost of shipping up to 35% so that we can pass those savings along to you.  If this is the case with your order, we will notify you in advance.