Lucky Bucks

Earn 6% for all purchases on or in the Las Vegas Store. Lucky Bucks are store credit that can be used for any regularly priced item(s).  They can be acquired through payouts, player packs, prizes (CTP, raffle, etc.), selling used/preowned discs to Lucky Disc Golf, & other promotions.

If you'd like to trade in some of your old dust collecting discs for Lucky Bucks or cash, please check out our Used & Preowned Disc Program page.

Lucky Bucks can be used by logging in to your account (you will need to create an account if you don't already have one) and choosing your item(s), then clicking on the box that says, "Select option to use store credit" right above the green "CHECK OUT" box when you are in the shopping cart.  That's all there is to it!

Lucky Bucks normally expire after one year but can be renewed upon request.  Occasionally we have promotions with a shorter expiration.  Those Lucky Bucks are not eligible for renewal.

Please give us a call at 702-629-3472 or respond to this email if you have any problem using your Lucky Bucks.

Thank you for shopping at Lucky Disc Golf!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Lucky Bucks are for regular priced items only and can't be combined with any discount, sale, or promotion.