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Team Lucky


The two main goals of Team Lucky Disc Golf are to grow the sport and promote Lucky Disc Golf.  All Team Lucky members are expected to be actively involved in one or both of those activities.  They are also expected to be good ambassadors of Lucky Disc Golf and of the sport.

Our goal is to provide each team member with a Team Lucky shirt each year they are on the team and a personal 15% off discount code, but most of the team member benefits are earned through the Team Lucky Rewards Program.  Each reward point converts to $1 in Lucky Bucks (store credit) which can be used online or in person at the Las Vegas warehouse.  Additional Team Lucky apparel at cost.

Team members earn rewards for the following activities as long as they are wearing visible Lucky Disc Golf apparel during the activity.
1.  Running tournaments or leagues
2.  Playing in tournaments or leagues
Note: You can't earn rewards for running and playing in the same tournament. 
3.  Placing in the top 10% of their division in tournaments
4.  Teaching a disc golf class
5.  Doing course installation, maintenance, or repair
6.  Attending club leadership meetings while serving as a club leader

Team members also earn rewards for these activities.
1.  Displaying LDG signs/banners at tournaments
2.  Using discounted Lucky Bucks for tournament or league payouts, player packs, and prizes such as CTPs and raffles
3.  Having people use a 10% discount code that created specifically for sharing with other people.

There is no limit on the amount of rewards points a team member can earn!

Here is a summary of team member benefits.

1.  A Team Lucky shirt
2.  Additional Team Lucky apparel at cost
3.  A 15% discount code for personal use
4.  A 10% discount code to share with others
5.  Unlimited rewards (store credit) for the Team Lucky Rewards Program!
We encourage team members to use some of their Lucky Bucks to buy LDG apparel so they can earn more rewards by wearing their apparel.

We offer discounted Lucky Bucks for tournament and league sponsorships as well (see  Those sponsorships are not limited to team members, but team members can earn rewards when they purchase discounted Lucky Bucks!

Team members will be expected to earn a minimum number of reward points during the year in order to remain on the team.  That is the best way for us to stay informed of their activities and to reward them based on their activity level.

Here is a summary of Team Member Expectations.

  1. Be active in the disc golf community
  2. Actively promote Lucky Disc Golf
  3. Interact on the Team Lucky Facebook page (there is no minimum number of posts, we just want everyone to have some involvement)
  4. Have no other retail sponsors.
  5. Follow the PDGA Code of Conduct and rules of play.
  6. Have great course etiquette and respect players as well as non-players.
  7. Follow the Disc Golfer’s Code:
    a. PLAY SMART. Never throw into a blind area or when players, spectators, pedestrians, or other facility users are within range.  Use a spotter.
    b. RESPECT THE COURSE. Observe all posted rules.  No littering, graffiti, or abuse of equipment or flora.
    c. REPRESENT THE SPORT. Be positive and responsible.  Teach others.
  8. Email a report of your activities quarterly to
  9. Earn at least 100 rewards points each year.
  10. Have fun!

We also encourage team members to post pictures of them having fun at events (and earning rewards) on the team page and on any other social media platform they like.  And they can earn rewards by posting their shared discount code on those "other" social media platforms!  By sharing their discount code, they can spread the word of Lucky Disc Golf and get rewards for doing it!

All team members will be required to sign a contract outlining their conduct and activity expectations.  Volition of team member expectation as provided in the team member contract are ground for immediate removal from the team.

We will be accepting applications from November 15th through December 15th of each year.