Sponsorships & Payouts

Tournament Directors!

Lucky Disc Golf can help you make your event a huge success by adding value and taking pressure off of you!  Here's how.

Free Lucky Bucks!
We are offering $5 in Lucky Bucks each player and volunteer in your tournament...  FOR FREE!  Lucky Bucks are credit to that can be used online at www.luckydiscgolf.com or in person at our Las Vegas warehouse.  They can be combined (saved up) with other Lucky Bucks (from players packs, payouts, or used discs) to purchase larger items like bags, backpacks, carts, and baskets.

Note: Lucky Bucks normally can't be combined with other discounts, sales, or promotions.  They expire after one year, but any that have been purchased for player packs, payouts or prizes can be renewed upon request.

You also get a 20% bonus on additional Lucky Bucks for players packs, payouts, CTP prizes, or raffle items.

To calculate the bonus, multiply the amount you want to spend by 1.2 (120%).  Or if you'd rather decide how much you want to give (instead of spend) just divide that amount by 1.2 (120%).  For example, if you want to give each player $17 in Lucky Bucks so they could buy pretty much any stock disc, you would have to purchase $13 extra because you already get $4 for free.  $13 divided by 1.2 equals $10.83, so you would give them $17 in Lucky Bucks for $10.83.  Or if you wanted to allocate $10 for each player, you would times it by 1.2, which equals $12.  That plus the $4 for free would give them $16 in Lucky Bucks for only $10!

With $5.00 per player for FREE, a 20% bonus on Lucky Bucks, low prices (many below MSRP), and LOW FLAT RATE shipping, you get a sponsorship package at a huge discount to retail value!

25% Bonus Option!
If you would rather get a larger bonus on players packs, payouts, CTP prizes, or raffle items, you can get 25% instead of 20, but you wouldn't get the $4 in free Lucky Bucks for each player.  Whatever works best for you.

Simplify & Save Time!

Using Lucky Bucks will take a fraction of the time and effort required when using swag, and you not longer need to decide which products to buy or how many player packs to order.  And you don't need to pay for anything up front!  Your players will get to choose their own player pack items or save up for a backpack, cart, or basket.  The only thing you need to do is place an order for the Lucky Bucks at https://luckydiscgolf.com/products/lucky-bucks-for-payouts-and-players-packs and send a spreadsheet with a breakdown of the recipients and how much each one should receive.  We take care of the rest!

A Third Option!
If you don't want to use either of the Lucky Bucks options above we can provide discs or other products at a significant discount.  We do this for cost plus on a case by case basis.  For more information please email info@luckydiscgolf.com.

All we ask in return is that you recognize us as a sponsor based on the value of the free Lucky Bucks, the bonus (if you purchase additional Lucky Bucks), or the merchandise discount.  For example, $400 for 100 players, plus $400 if you spend $2000 in additional Lucky Bucks, equals an $800 sponsorship.
For recognition, you can find our logos and branding resources at https://luckydiscgolf.com/pages/marketing-logos-and-colors?cache=false&1547477980654.

With our sponsorship program, you have the following options:

  • $5.00 Lucky Bucks for every player… FREE!  (limit of one for each player and volunteer).
  • 20% bonus for Lucky Bucks for payouts, players packs and CTP or raffle prizes if you utilize the $4.00 in free Lucky Bucks for every player.
  • 25% bonus for Lucky Bucks if you don't use the $4.00 free for every player and volunteer.
  • Cost plus for merchandise.
  • 2 x 5 Lucky Disc Golf Banners at cost. $35 (free shipping).

If you want to take advantage of our sponsorship program just send an email to info@luckydiscgolf.com with your name, tournament name and date, and which sponsorship options you are planning to use.


Please let us know if there is any anything else we can do to help with your event.  Thanks for working with Lucky Disc Golf!


At Lucky Disc Golf, we know tournaments!!

Reach out to us at info@luckydiscgolf.com or call