About Us

Who We Are

Lucky Disc Golf was organized 2017.  We have seen many ideas come and go in this sport we love.  We wanted to create a down-to-earth resource and shopping experience for disc golfers of all skill levels and all walks of life.  We will continue to evolve daily and invite you to take part in this adventure with us!

Our mission is to help grow the sport of disc golf and to be the best and most comprehensive disc golf resource in the world!  Specifically, our primary goals are as follows.

1.  To provide great prices on discs, disc golf equipment, and accessories.  Our prices are based on our cost.  We will NEVER charge a higher price on a product just because we think someone might pay it.  If we get a great deal from a manufacture, we will pass that deal on to our customers!
2.  To provide a unique and easy to use research tool to help you understand flight characteristics and choose discs that are best for you.
3.  To provide information and resources to help improve your game.
4.  To provide over-the-top customer service.

Let us know how we can help you!  We welcome your feedback and suggestions.

Because of you, we are truly Disc Golf Lucky!


Las Vegas Retail Store & Warehouse
2301 E Sunset Road, Suite 11
Las Vegas NV 89119
702-629-DISC (702-629-3472)

Retail Store Hours
Mon-Sat 10 AM to 6 PM; Sun 10 AM to 2 PM
Closed on the following Holidays:
New Years Day

Corporate Office
2677 E 17th Street, Suite 100
Ammon ID 83406