Team Lucky 2019

Lucky Disc Golf is proud to introduce you to our 2019 Team Lucky Disc Golf!  These individuals are from all over the nation and are committed to growing the best sport in the world.  We are grateful to each of them for being part of Team Lucky Disc Golf!

Ben Dowdy (Team Lucky)

PDGA #33528

Hometown: Omaha, NE

Home Course: Seymour Smith Park

Favorite Discs: PDx, FD3, CD2

Joined the PDGA in 2007 and started playing the year before that.  Most recently have been travelling around the U.S. as a travel nurse and have joined over 5 local clubs in Florida, Nebraska, Oregon, Idaho, and Vermont.  I have had the pleasure of meeting disc golfers from all walks of life.

Chelsee Beck (Team Lucky)

PDGA #71684

Hometown:Boise, ID

Home Course:  

Favorite Discs:



Colby Andersen (Team Lucky)

PDGA #54246

Hometown: Rupert, ID

Home Course: Lake Walcott State Park

Favorite Discs: Destroyer, Aftershock, Rhyno

Disc Golf is my passion.   I am always thinking disc golf and how to get it more popular in my area.  I am always looking on how to make my event, the Idaho State Championship, better every year.


Cory Hill (Team Lucky)

PDGA #18612

Hometown: Pekin, IL

Home Course: McNaughton Park

Favorite Discs: Innova Star Wraith, Discraft Z Buzzz, and Discmania P2

I've been playing this sport since 1992, and seriously since 1998, joining the PDGA in 2001.  I've had the pleasure of being a player, teacher, caddy, spotter, fundraiser, TD, Assistant TD, hostess, sponsor, and course work volunteer.  I'm completely addicted to disc golf!  Its given me alot of great things and people in my life.


Elam Rose (Team Lucky)

PDGA #99021

Hometown: Lewisville, TX

Home Course:Old Man Disc Golf Course

Favorite Discs: Sidewinder, Obex, Envy

I've been playing and competing since I was four years old.  I love teaching disc golf to my friends, and am always trying to get more kids to play disc golf.

Ethan Watson (Team Lucky)

PDGA #107302

Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID

Home Course: Freeman Park

Favorite Discs: DaggerSheriff, Underworld, XXX

2019 starts my 6th year of playing disc golf.  I am an amateur with a pro level passion for the sport.  I love reviewing discs and you can find my reviews on instagram @watsonreviewsdiscgolf.


Jamie Spencer "Nurse Jamie" (Team Lucky)

PDGA #86614

Hometown: Redding, CA

Home Course:Red Mountain Disc Golf Course

Favorite Discs: D1 Air, H5, PA3, M2, and M4

I started playing disc golf three years ago and throwing Prodigy after 1 week.  I love the sport, the people, the competition, and the future we are working to mold.

Jared Neal (Team Lucky)

PDGA #39949

Hometown: Huntsville, AL

Home Course: Indian Creek Disc Golf Course

Favorite Discs: Enforcer, Marshall, Getaway

Since the first time I threw a disc I fell in love with the flight and the sport of disc golf.  The rush, joy, and excitement of throwing and watching a disc disappear down the fairway keeps me coming back for more!  Driven by competition and enjoyment, disc golf has become a staple in my life and watching the sport develop and grow is a beautiful thing.

Jay Berger (Team Lucky)

PDGA #88845

Hometown: Holbrook, NY

Home Course: Heckscher State Park

Favorite Discs: Wave, Roc, Plutonium

I am an active member of my local club and started a student club at my school this year.  I am very proud of the work that we have done to support the St. Baldrick's Foundation through charity tournaments.  My goals are to grow the sport and to help our clubs to develop new local courses.

Kaleb Caplin (Team Lucky)

PDGA #109666

Hometown: St. George, UT

Home Course: Pine View Park

Favorite Discs: Spark, Anchor, Buzzz

I eat, drink, dream, and live disc golf.  It has been the greatest aid in my battle against depression.  My goal is to become the best player/ambassador for the sport as I can while raising a family at the same time.


Lauren St. Clair (Team Lucky)

PDGA #54783

Hometown: Laingsburg, MI

Home Course: Grand Woods And Valley Farms

Favorite Discs: Kastaplast Grym, Kaxe Z, and Reko

I started disc golfing in December of 2007 on my first date with my now husband, Brion St. Clair.  I am a mom of 2 awesome boys, Carmen (13) and Nathan (8), and we all love disc golf!  Our passion is growing the sport for women and children.  I have played competitively since 2012.  Recently, I am the 2018 FA1 Michigan State Champion and tied for 3rd place in FA1 at the United States Women's Disc Golf Championship.

Michael Clark (Team Lucky)

PDGA #109591

Hometown: Rexburg, ID

Home Course:  Nature Park and Russ Freeman Park

Favorite Discs: Millenium Quasar, Flat Top Firebird, and Millenium Aurora MS

Like many of you I am addicted to disc golf.  I play as much as I can, as often as I can.  My favorite thing about it is helping others fall in love with the game as well.  I do whatever I can to help others catch the "bug".  My goal with Lucky is to focus on the growth of the sport by teaching clinics and supporting leagues and tournaments.  I hope to always be your friend on the course.


Michael "Spence" Spencer (Team Lucky)

PDGA #86613

Hometown: Fountain Hills, AZ

Home Course: Vista Del Camino Disc Golf Course

Favorite Discs: Uli Stamped PA3, D3, and Glimmer F5

Disc golf started as a hobby for my wife and I to share together and quickly morphed into a vital part of our lives.  You can catch me helping TD's locally or playing courses accross the country.


Noah Carroll (Team Lucky)

PDGA #85671

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Home Course: Brys Park

Favorite Discs: King, Buzzz, Shield

Get out and throw because you never know where your next throw may take you.

Parker Davis (Team Lucky)

PDGA #74440

Hometown: St. George, UT

Home Course:Pine View Park

Favorite Discs: Justice, Firebird, Defender

I'm a 34 year old father of 4 who learned to throw a disc playing ultimate frisbee.  I'm ambidextrious throwing within 200 feet.  I love Yoplait Yogurt, riding motorcycles, and (of course) anything disc golf related.

Phil Cannon (Team Lucky)

PDGA #86986

Hometown: Baton Rouge, LA (current in Charlotte, NC)

Home Course:Reedy Creek Park

Favorite Discs: Air Bolt, Air Warship, Warden

I started in 1977, and was hit or miss until 1990's.  I'm a course director, teacher of disc golf, to kids and beginners.  I'm also the proud husband of my wife, who shares her passion with me in spite of overcoming MS with disc golf

Shawn Cafferty (Team Lucky)

PDGA #90609

Hometown: Shelley, ID

Home Course: Freeman Park, Jensen Grove

Favorite Discs: Trespass, Maverick, Harp, Anvil

Finding disc golf has been a huge blessing in my life.  From learning how to play, to designing and building a new course, and everything I have experienced along the way.  its been an amazing 3 years.  I'm looking forward to what the future has in store. Be Dynamic!


Shawn Conroy (Team Lucky)

PDGA #77900

Hometown: Lancaster, PA

Home Course:D.F. Buchmiller

Favorite Discs: DD Deputy, Innova Dart, Westside Northman

I love that even my worst round of disc golf is literally just a walk in the woods.  I'm looking forward to helping grow the sport by running over a dozen tournaments, clince, and leagues.  I'll also be playing in my first AM Worlds this summer.


William Hardee (Team Lucky)

PDGA #82358

Hometown: Idaho Falls, ID

Home Course: Freeman Park

Favorite Discs: 2010 2-Line Avery Jenkins Destroyer, Star Dart

I have been playing and running events for the past 10 years.  I really enjoy seeing the sport grow and doing things to bring the next generation of disc golfers to the sport.  I have 10 career aces, 6 of them with my Star Dart.  I am the tournament director for the 2019 Lucky Disc Golf Open.


What We Expect From Our Team

  • Grow The Sport And Make It Fun!
  • Be Active In The Disc Golf Community Whether It Be As A Player, A Tournament Director, Hosting Clinics, Or Something Completely Different!
  • Be A Positive Example
  • Wear Your Team Lucky Disc Golf Clothing.
  • Support Lucky Disc Golf And Spread The Word!
  • Be Active On Social Media.  Tag Lucky Disc Golf In Your Posts.
  • Report Your Activities
  • Obey PDGA Rules
  • Have No Other Retail Sponsors.

We accept Team Lucky Applications at any time.  Although, unless there are unforseen circumstances, we don't intend adding or removing any 2019 members until 2020.  Thank you!




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