Team Lucky Spotlight! Mason Foltz!

Team Lucky Spotlight! Mason Foltz!

Mason Foltz is an up and coming disc golfer from Idaho, but is currently playing baseball on a collegiate level in Southern Utah!   He has gone toe-to-toe with the likes of Paul Ulibarri and is excited to take his skills on the road once he graduates.  Check out Mason!

Hometown:  Pocatello, Idaho

“When and where was the first time you played disc golf?  What can you share about that experience?  Do you remember the first disc you threw?”

-My first time ever playing was in 2015 at Ross Park DGC in Pocatello,Idaho!

 -I was introduced to the game by a family friend who played often, but I didn’t really know what to think at the time, other than disc golf looked fun and I wanted to give it a try!

-The first disc I threw was a Champion beast. 


“What influence has disc golf had on your life since then?”

-It has allowed me to develop life long friends and friendships. It has also allowed me to explore a lot of new things and places that I would have never experienced if it wasn’t for disc golf. 


“You can be thorough on this next one or just highlight.  What’s in your bag?  Why?  What is your bag or cart or both?”

-This is something that changes for me periodically throughout the season, but I have a consistent set of molds that I rely on no matter what. My main drivers that I carry in my bag are;

Destroyer, DDX, PD2, and Sheriff. My fairway drivers consist of; FD, Thunderbird, Teebird3, Firebird, and FD3. My go to mid ranges; MD3, Roc3, Justice, Verdict, and Gator. Finally are my putters; Driving putters- Jokeri, sinus, and P2. Normal putters- Glow P-line P2. 

-I carry a Pound Disc Golf Sextothorpe for a bag. If you haven’t tried one of these bags I highly recommend it. Easily the most comfortable and spacious bag I have ever carried. 



“What is one of your favorite disc golf memories?”

-The most fond memory that I can think of relating to disc golf was my first open tournament back in 2017. I competed in the Twin Falls Classic (A-Tier) not knowing how I would do or place. I ended up shooting 3 of my highest rounds to date, and fell two strokes short of beating Paul Ulibarri. This was also on Central Coast Disc Golf, which made it that much more memorable.

“What are some of your favorite courses/holes?  What courses are on your bucket list?”

-My all-time favorite courses include, Bohart Ranch (Montana), Nordic Center (Idaho), and Walcott State Park (Idaho).


“Who is your favorite pro?  Why?”

-Kevin Jones, he is one of the most down to earth guys I have ever met, and seems to always be upbeat and positive on and off the course. 

“What does your family think of your involvement in disc golf?”

-My family use to joke and laugh at me when I would tell them that I was going to play disc golf, but now they are super supportive and realize how important it is to me. 


“What are some of your hobbies and/or employment outside of disc golf?”

-One of the most important aspects of my life outside of disc golf is baseball. I am on a full-ride scholarship at Dixie State University as a pitcher. I will be a senior next year and will graduate with a degree in Exercise Science. 


“What is your biggest pet peeve, on or off the course?”

-One of my biggest pet peeves in disc golf is when upper level players harass players in lower divisions for what division they choose to play in. I have seen this happen many times in my career and I’m sure everyone else has, but it really bugs me that people feel need to say something. As long as their rating allows it, I think that people should play in whatever division they feel most comfortable in. 


“What are you most excited about doing this year?”

 -Without a doubt I am most excited about running my first ever event this year. It is a challenge to learn the ins and outs of being a TD, but it is something I can see myself doing in the future and I can’t wait! 


“How has being a member of Team Lucky influenced you so far?”

-Being a member of Team Lucky has had a very positive influence on me so far. I am grateful for the opportunity to represent such a great company, and the people that come with it. It has also helped me become more involved in the sport, and ultimately led me to the decision to run my own event. 

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