Lost a Disc

in or around Las Vegas?

Thats a bummer but ..

This might be your LUCKY Day!

We want to help you find your missing disc! 

-If your disc shows up in our repository of Lost and Found Discs we will try to text you and then post a picture on our Lost and Found page for 90 days.

-If during the 90 days you contact us and can confirm you are the owner we will ship it to you for just the cost of shipping or you can come by the store and pick it up yourself. 

-If we are shipping you a found disc you might want to consider adding a few new or used discs to your order since you will have shipping already paid. 

-So, look around our extensive new and preowned inventory.  If you don't have any lost discs in LV you may just want to come shop for your next favorite disc! 


Click here to start looking for your lost disc.


After finding and identifying your disc simply find the new product "Lost&FoundShipping" enter quantity 1 and list your shipping address and in the notes describe your disc and who on our team you communicated with. 


Lost and Found discs have been found at & around Las Vegas including:
Wild Horse
Sunset Park
Mountain Crest


 A special note of thanks for   Joe   Rob    Jeff for helping recover and help you reunite your disc