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EV-7 Mobius OG Premium

EV-7 Mobius OG Premium

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Color - Weight - Stamp

For years, disc golfers have sought to perfect the art of putting. With the Möbius, EV-7 have done the "impossible". This is the straightest putter ever made with the perfect combination of smooth turn and torque resistance. Players will now have the ability to hit laser straight lines and long putts with accuracy and full commitment.  

OG Premium Plastic

OG Premium is a super-durable, advanced plastic with excellent performance. It is their take on some the premium plastics from back in the day, but made with modern TPUs and advanced polymers. The result is an opaque blend of plastic with outstanding grip, a goldilocks flex (not too rigid, not too gummy), and a little added stability to the disc's flight.


Speed 2 Glide 4 Turn -1 Fade 0

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