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Reko - K3 Line

Reko - K3 Line

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K1 Line
K1 line is Kastaplast’s super durable material with a nice combination of firmness and gumminess. Discs in K1 Line will appear in both solid and translucent colors.

K1 Soft
K1 Soft is similar to K1, but flexier and grippier. Just as with K1, this plastic comes in both translucent and solid colors. (K1 Soft is the same as the old K2).

K1 Glow-Line
K1 Glow has the same properties as the durable K1 Line but is powered with a long lasting glow!

K3 Line
K3 Line is our base plastic – grippy in all conditions. With this plastic you will get that nice worked in feel quickly. Compared to other base plastics, K3 is medium soft.

K3 Hard
K3 Hard is the stiffer version of K3 Line. The firmness makes this line more durable than the original K3, giving it a slower aging process.

K3 Glow-Line
K3 Glow is made of the same plastic as the K3 line with a mix of glow plastic. Be sure it will light up at night, but due to the properties of base plastic it has less shine than the K1 Glow line.

Get your Reko for those straight putts and approaches, or give it a little hyzer on drives and watch it turn over gently. A true go-to putter and a staple in many players's bags.


Speed 3 Glide 3 Turn 0 Fade 1

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