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Lucky Disc Golf

Lucky VIP Rechargeable 2 - 1 Handwarmer

Lucky VIP Rechargeable 2 - 1 Handwarmer

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Rechargeable Handwarmer

  • 2-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Rechargeable electric hand warmer, portable battery bank, 
  • DOUBLE-SIDED HEAT: Warms up in seconds and puts out powerful heat which can be adjusted by choosing from 3 different warmth levels
  • PORTABLE AND RESUSABLE: Warm both hands by clasping the hand warmer or put in your pocket to heat your body; great for morning walks, fishing, camping, hiking, golfing, and winter sports. Can also be used for heat therapy on sore muscles
  • POWERFUL BATTERY: High capacity 10,000mAh battery ensures the hand warmer will last hours and provides enough power to fully charge your phone. UL certified and safe to use
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