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MD4 - Prototype Metal Flake C-Line (EO'24)

MD4 - Prototype Metal Flake C-Line (EO'24)

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 Looking for the perfect compliment to your mid-range game? MD4 brings an added notch of stability compared to MD3, meaning you can give it that extra boost when you need it most and count on it to finish to the ground reliably every time.                       The MD4 has a blunt nose with the standard MD3 micro-bead, giving it a familiar feel in the hand. Not only is the MD4 overstable, but also has a surprising amount of glide, allowing your shots to fade more while still maintaining shot shaping abilities. Whether you're facing a stiff wind, looking for a controlled hyzer line, or throwing a nice touch sidearm, the MD4 has you covered. We find this disc to be much more versatile than most other overstable mid-ranges on the market due to the mix of stability and glide.

Speed 5 Glide 4 Turn 0 Fade 3

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