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Notion - Exo Hard

Notion - Exo Hard

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Color - Weight - Stamp

Worldwide Release 07/10/24


Notion brings a smooth balance between control and glide as our straightest flying putter in the Evolution line to date. Players that enjoy the ability to manipulate shots easier, carve a tee or approach shot through the woods, or prefer something a bit more shallow in the hand will find themselves reaching for this putter every time.           Notion suits players looking to putt on a straighter line with less effort. Notion excels off the tee shaping turnovers and buttery flip-up to turn shots. This putter thrives in tailwinds or situations where the straightest line is the best line. Put it on a rope or conquer tricky turnover shots with ease, Notion helps you seal the deal.

Speed 2 Glide 3 Turn -1 Fade 0

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