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Rubber Blend Banger GT

Rubber Blend Banger GT

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Color - Weight - Stamp

Rubber Blend Banger GT – The Banger GT is one of the most unique discs on the market. It is a beaded butter that has a big but very comfortable groove on the top with a really straight flight. It is a disc that is beloved by those that throw it and really has a cult following. The Rubber Blend plastic feels amazing in the hand and is something you can grab with confidence everytime you putt.  The stamp design was done by Mark Morris and really gets you pumped to slam a putt home. Grab a Rubber Blend Banger GT today!

Discraft says this about the mold: “Our Groove Top™ putter delivers consistency and confidence with every release. It’s overstable enough to handle a headwind, and is also favored by players who putt on a hyzer. Won’t turn over on long approaches, won’t skip on fast greens. Tuck your thumb in and feel the Groove Top™ difference – Meet your next putter. If the grip of your putter is important, consider these factors: grippy X plastic, grippy softness, and the grippy Groove Top™, all rolled into one putter. One throw, and you’ll be hooked!”

Speed 2 Glide 3 Turn 0 Fade 1

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